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Transformers TM-63/10/0,4 revision
  • Transformers TM-63/10/0,4 revision

Transformers TM-63/10/0,4 revision

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65000 RUB
Brand:Березовский Завод Подстанция
Country of manufacture:Russia

Transformer TM-63/10/0.4 audit


Buy transformer TM 63/10/0.4; TM 63/6/0.4; CMG/10 63/0.4; CMG 63/6/0.4 after revision in the Yekaterinburg buy Berezovsky Plant substation. Transformers pass strict control of TCI, laboratory tests.  Warranty 1 year. Passport, the test manual. Delivery to any region of RUSSIA, also in any CIS country. Deliver to TC in Yekaterinburg free. Many transformers in stock. Large warehouse.

Transformers of any brand are serving on the KTP (Complete transformer substation). Substation KTP you can purchase in the southwestern Plant substation. We are manufacturers of transformer substations and transformers. You have the opportunity to purchase all in one place at a competitive price.

Berezovsky Plant Substation implements storage transformers after carrying out a full audit and new own production.

Transformers after audits are transformers that were stored in plants as a backup. They would have kept on, but the power oil-immersed transformers TM, CMG, TMZ is one feature-they napityvajut moisture in oil (condensate). Transformer imbues much less moisture if it is in use, because the operating temperature of the transformer 50-55 g, i.e. it constant. And the temperature of the transformer off depends on ambient temperature Wednesday, which changes constantly.  Hence the moisture. Therefore, you must revizirovat transformer. What is an audit? Someone thinks that this old transformers that somewhere 50 years worked, and now their painted and want to sell you. It's not that. Well anyway we are not so sure. The audit involves the following activities: disassembly of the transformer, and drying the active part of vakumirovanie, the active part of the tapes, cleaning contacts, switch rods bushings, paint removal from transformer, chassis primer transformer transformer radiators defect inspection for any leaks, replace all rubber replacement insulators, hardware replacement, drying, regenerated, vakumirovanie, transformer oil and transformer Assembly. After an audit conducted laboratory tests: measurement of insulation resistance, measurement of idling, ohmic resistance measurement, determination of connection ratio measurement, podaca triple voltage on HV and LV outputs in during 1 min.

Transformers pass audit by qualified personnel at the factory. In the garage, the quality can vary greatly from our quality. Come join us on the manufacture and see it yourself.

Brand:Березовский Завод Подстанция
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 25.05.2020
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