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Transformer substation KTP 25
  • Transformer substation KTP 25
  • Transformer substation KTP 25
  • Transformer substation KTP 25
  • Transformer substation KTP 25
  • Transformer substation KTP 25

Transformer substation KTP 25

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Brand:Березовский Завод Подстанция
Country of manufacture:Russia

Transformer substation KTP 25

Appointment Of KTP

Complete transformer substations KTP are intended for converting electricity to reduce high voltage 6 or 10 kV to 380 (220) Volt. They are used to supply industrial and household consumers.

For substations KTP 25 requires transformer TM 25 10 (6)/0.4

Device KTP

Step-down power transformer-core element of transformer substation. It can be oily or dry. This transformer is connected through an input device, by the higher voltage IOC. Connects oil or dry type transformer for air or cable input high voltage line. Electricity consumers will connect to the reducing the transformer from the low voltage switchgear via RUNN.

To protect the transformer substation KTP from overloads, short circuits, voltage surges, lightning and applied voltage limiters, different kinds of knife switches with fuses, circuit breakers.

In order to avoid the possibility of electric shock, staff, workers and others, our company in the production of KTP, all equipment places in the body, welded from metal. Such a body is equipped with electrical and mechanical locks.

Metal transformer substation space divided into compartments. One Bay for switching and protection of high voltage equipment, another down-Bay power transformer and switchgear low voltage.


In order to monitor the quality control of electricity, KTP is equipped with test equipment (such as pointers, voltage devices for measuring voltage and current) and electricity meters. 


When installing substation KTP you must observe the following rules:
Distance from non-insulated voltage 6-10 kV current-carrying parts shall be not less than 4.5 m and 0.4 kV voltage not less than 3.5 m. You must delete the passage of vehicles between the KTP and feet of overhead lines.

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Brand:Березовский Завод Подстанция
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 29.01.2020
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