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PKU accounting for 10kV or 6kV
  • PKU accounting for 10kV or 6kV

PKU accounting for 10kV or 6kV

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Country of manufacture:Russia

PKU accounting for 10kV or 6kV

PKU-commercial accounting. PKU is used for distribution of electric energy on the high HVS. The plant produces Substation  10 kV and the PKU 6kV. Set  BUTTON on the border of your site. Why consider HV electricity if on NN worth counter-you ask. The first of 10 kV and 6 kV are considerably cheaper than in 380. The second is today increasingly network companies oblige install PKU at the border of your site, because  the wire or cable that goes from the point of attaching to your transformer, there are losses for which you have to pay. But you still save their funds due to the difference in electricity prices.

Plant Substation produces PKU on your interrogatories or schemas, and can also offer a standard:

Housing: made of steel 1.5 mm, polymer coating. Frame for mounting on support.

1.       bushings ISP 10/630  6pcs

2.       OVERVOLTAGE Limiters-6 or 10 ОПН-   6pcs

3.       voltage transformer 3ZNOL-6 or 3ZNOL-10 1 piece

4.       current transformers TOL-10 3 pieces (any denomination)

5.       Counter (this includes any meter costing up to 10 k USD)

6.       Cabinet (mounted on a support below for read-out)

In the you can make any changes, for an additional fee.

The term production from 10 to 25 days, depending on the availability of components in stock.

Warranty 3 years. Delivery to a shipping company in Yekaterinburg free. 

Manufacture of complete transformer substations of exterior and interior installations КТП and 2КТП from 25 up to 1600 kVA

Mast and pole transformer stations.

Sales of oil-immersed transformers after revision marks TM, CMG, TMZ, ТМН from 25 till 6300 kVA

voltage transformers НТМI-10 (6), us 10 (6), OMP-10 Ohm transformers TOL-10, TPL-10, TLM-10, TPOL-10.

Switch disconnector RLND 10/250-1000s powered PR-01.


Electrical panelboard SCHO-70, IDD, ETC, shr, JARV, OShhV, NCA, RSD.

Production of the traverse.

We will carry out the audit, test, calibration, repair your transformer and substation.


Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 15.04.2021

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