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Measuring transformer NKF-110 III-U1-and
  • Measuring transformer NKF-110 III-U1-and

Measuring transformer NKF-110 III-U1-and

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Measuring transformer NKF-110 III-U1-and

HKF transformer-110, HKF _132, HKF_150, HKF _ 220

Buy transformer measuring HKF-110, NKF-132, NKF-150, NKF-220 in Yekaterinburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Surgut, Ufa, Khabarovsk, Russia can at the plant manufacturer Plant substation.

Transformer NKF _ 66 IV _U1, NKF _66 IV _ E1, NKF _ 66 IV-U1-NKF _ 66 IV-E1-NKF _ 66 IV _ U1, NKF _110 II _ U1, NKF _ 110 II-E1, NKF _ 110 II _ Hl1, NKF _ 110 II _ U1 and NKF _110 II _ Hl1 _ and NKF _ 110 III-U1 , NKF-110 III-E1, NKF-110 III-Hl1, NKF-110 III-U1 _ and NKF _ 110 III _ Hl1 _ and NKF _ 132 I _U1, NKF _ 132 I-Kzt1, NKF-132 III-U1, NKF-132 III-Kzt1, NKF-150 IV-U1, NKF-150 IV _ T1, NKF _ 150 IV-L1 NKF, 220 _ II _ U1, NKF _ 220 II-Kzt1, NKF _ 220 II _ Hl1, NKF _ 220 III _ U1, NKF _ 220 III-Kzt1, NKF _ 220 III-Hl1 price rate. Description transformer NKF-110, NKF-132, NKF-150, NKF-220. NKF-transformer, 110-132, NKF, NKF-150, NKF-220 is available in Yekaterinburg.

Description transformer, 110 132 NKF, NKF, NKF, NKF 150 220.

Voltage transformers series HKF and HKF-_M can be single-phase, inductive, oil, outdoor installation, with a porcelain Cap due to the need to include in the network with a rated voltage from 66 and up to 500 kV.

Such transformers (voltage) performed using a cascading scheme, voltage class 66.110, 132 kV-they are odnoblochnymi.  150, 220 and 330 kV-dvuhblochnymi and on the 400 and 500 kV-are trehblochnymi.

Each block has its own transformer active part, as well as winding with electrostatic screens. The active part is placed in a porcelain tyre, which is filled with transformer oil.

Reliance at the transformer (block) is a cap on the pedestal mount an active part and a porcelain overlay. CAP have used a device box secondary conclusions cable clutch grounding lugs and the technical data plate.

Magnitoprovodizgotovlivajut of anisotropic plates, or cold-rolled electrical steel.

The design of the windings have a cylindrical, mnogosloevoj. Isolation voltage at the transformer of transformer paper insulation is performed, which are dried using vacuum and impregnate transformer oil. Using conductive screens on the windings and magnitoprovodah improves resistance against atmospheric shock voltage transformer overvoltage and reduced level of partial discharges.

The structure of the NKF-legend [*] [*] [*] 1:

N-voltage transformer;

To-is the cascade;

F-has a porcelain overlay;

[*]-class primary winding voltage, kV;

[*]-year development;

[*] 1-climatic performance (u, t, CHL) and category of accommodation according to GOST 15150-69 and GOST 15543.1-89.

Technical data _ _ 110 57 NKF, NKF _ 110 _ 58

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 15.04.2021

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