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About enterprise Berezovskij Zavod Podstanciya, OOO

oh "Substation" is engaged in production of transformer substations through passage and deadlock KTP-25, KTP-40, KTP-63, KTP-100, KTP-160, KTP-250, KTP-400, KTP-630, KTP-1000, 2KTP-100, 2KTP-160, 2KTP-250, 2KTP-400,2KTP-630, 2KTP-1000, 2KTP-1600. Execution cable/cable, air/cable, air/air.

Complete distributive ustroystvakrun, YaKNO,KSO.

Panel board elektrooborudovaniyeshcho-70, VRU, PR, ShR, YaRV, OShchV, NKU

Transformers oil from storage after carrying out audit of TM 25, TM 40, TM 63, TM 100, TM 160, TM 250, TM 400, TM 630, TM 1000, TM 1600, TMG 25, TMG 40, TMG 63, TMG 100, TMG 160, TMG 250, TMG 400, TMG 630, TMG 1000, TMG 1600, TMZ 250, TMZ 400, TMZ 630, TMZ 1000, TMZ 1600. The price is cheaper factory to 50%. An excellent way to save means!



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