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Current transformer TZLK-0, 66-125
  • Current transformer TZLK-0, 66-125

Current transformer TZLK-0, 66-125

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Current transformer TZLK-0, 66-125

TZLK-0.66 current transformer buy in Yekaterinburg from Berezovsky Plant substation.

Shipping to transport company at our expense.

Zero sequence current transformer TZLK-0.66 manufactured in climatic version Ukhl2.  Zero sequence current transformer TZLK-0.66 applied nutrition schemes of relay protection of earth fault the individual lived three-phase cable through the transformation of the resulting currents zero sequence. Zero sequence current transformer TZLK-0.66 is set to cable.

The transformer is designed to work under the following conditions:

− the top value of ambient temperature + 50° c;

− low ambient temperature -60° c;

− relative humidity is 100% at +25° c;

− altitude not exceeding 1000 meters;

− environment nonexplosive Wednesday; containing no conductive dust, chemically active gases and vapours in concentrations destroying metals-atmosphere type II according to GOST 15150.

− position in space is any.

Description of the structure

TZLK-0.66 current transformer, single-phase, constructions are rubber, with cast insulation.

Transformer contains one secondary winding. The primary winding of the transformer wires serve as three-phase cable passing through the inner window.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 15.04.2021

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