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Transformer TMZ-630/6/0.4 audit
  • Transformer TMZ-630/6/0.4 audit

Transformer TMZ-630/6/0.4 audit

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Brand:Березовский Завод Подстанция
Country of manufacture:Russia

Transformer TMZ-630/6/0.4 audit

Transformer TRANSFORMERS 630/10/0.4; TRANSFORMERS 630/6/0.4; ТМ 630/10/0.4; ТМ 630/6/0.4; TMZ 630/10/0.4; TMZ 630/6/0.4 after audit can be purchased at Berezovsky Plant Substation at a bargain price, relative to the cost of new transformers, while receiving the guarantee. The audit is performed in the factory, with all the necessary technology. Our company has experience auditing TDNS 10000/35 transformer.

Audits at our factory in mandatorily be replaced all rubber insulators, hardware. Also done drying the active part, regenerated and vakkumirovanie oils, cleaning and painting of all external surfaces of the transformer tank, cleaning rods, rack switch, broach all bolted connections of the active part, and conducting laboratory testing transformer.

Transformers, which has passed the audit on Berezovsky Plant passport shall be issued to Substation test license, manual on the transformer. The Panel is installed repair, in which the year of the audit.

Brand:Березовский Завод Подстанция
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 13.12.2019
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